Saturday, October 16, 2010

Third Vehicle...

1982 Toyoya Celica Supra
Metallic Gray / Black Leather interior
L-type, 5 speed manual
2.8L I6, 145 HP / 155 Torque
Power everything
0-60 in 9.8 seconds / 1/4 mile in 17.2 @ 80 MPH

First real semi-performance car, at least for the times. All of the cars in this era were emasculated by governmental smog restrictions. Remember the 85 MPH maximum speedometers, anyone? For a high school senior this was a great ride with the leather and pop-up headlights, etc. Looking back at the horsepower numbers from previous vehicles, this one felt fast, because in relative terms it probably was. It had almost twice as much HP as previous cars.

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