Saturday, October 16, 2010

Second Car experience

1980 Toyota Corolla hatchback
White exterior with blue interior
1.8L I4 engine, 75 HP
Auto Transmission, 3 speed probably

Once my older brother and I were both licensed drivers and had different school and sport schedules, it became necessary to get a second vehicle. This would be the first real car of my own. One that I could put a better stereo in or some mag wheels which were popular at that time. Well I did put an upgraded stereo in this car, but didn't mess with anything else. I also learned something about vehicle dynamics and physics with this car. My friend's little yellow Honda Civic which had very firm suspension back then right from the factory was able to vastly outcorner this vehicle. On the night (March 21st, 1980) that someone shot JR Ewing, I attempted to follow the friend's civic through a turn and ended up in someone's front yard.

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